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Weekend Words – Am I…

Am I a man because of the things I do?
The sports I play or the beer I drink?
The clothes I wear, the job I do, the hobbies I hold?
Does my masculinity come from my nots?
I’m not a woman; I don’t dance ballet.
I don’t cry; I won’t cook; I don’t sew.
Is my manhood a performance?
A script of do’s and don’t’s?


I am a man because of how I am.
How I treat myself and others.
How I treat whatever work I do.
How I honor those around me.
How I strive for my best in whatever I do.
I am a man because of my struggles and my victories.
How I handle triumph and adversity.
My manhood comes from my character.
Character instilled and passed down from elders.
Traits recognized and acknowledged in me by elders.

I am a man because of how I am within the world.
I can do or not do many things.
What matters is the manner I do or don’t.
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